Employs 40 Local People
Maximising Synergies
Culture Will Heal Us
Engage Young People
Self Determination
Event Opportunities
Achievement Award
Caring For Country
Cultural Heritage
Manage Cultural Places
Custodial Responsibilities
Locally Carved Doors
Using Local Timbers
Pedagogical Innovation
Local Hand Craftsman
ITP Trainees
WCC Graduates

Social Development

Links To Learning
Youth Leadership Program
Dr John Owens
Prof Chris Cunningham

Yarn Up Space

Lucrative Business
Remarkable Growth Business
All Inclusive Service
Organic Waste
Organic Material
Cost Effective
Sustainable Business
Composting Building
A Natural Building Material
Strong Construction
Connection With The Earth
Connection With The Earth
Design Class
Sustainable Fashion
Energy Efficient

Sustainable & Self Managed

Sensitive To Mother Earth
Local Hand Craftsman
High Value Market Segment
Specialist Products
Aboriginal Designs
Overnight Freight
Scheduled Delivery
Receipt And Delivery

Wiradjuri Condobolin Corporation

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